Bringing together old and young people

Generation Exchange brings together older and younger people in Haringey and Enfield for their mutual benefit.  As a charity we are able to offer a complete package of training and support to both older people (aged 50 and over) and younger people (still at school).

Many children and young people are disadvantaged and could benefit from some extra help to make the best of their lives, and many older people have the time, skills and energy to help them.  We offer training and support to help our older volunteers make a difference to young people across 32 local schools and children’s centres by offering supported placements in local educational settings.

For our young volunteers from schools in Haringey and Enfield we offer a complete package of training and support to enable them to provide 1:1 tailor made computer coaching to older people from the local community.

I have really enjoyed being part of the training programme.  Starting at the school now makes me feel like I am accepted and have something useful to offer in my local community.  I have wanted to give something back for some time and this has been really great for me, and I hope for the children and the school!”  (Volunteer aged 82 years).

“Generation exchange has had a positive impact on me. Working with the older learners has developed my comprehension skills and given me insight of a new older generation. I’ve become a better speaker and listener through the interaction I have had with my older learner while exploring the endless possibilities of the computer.” D, aged 17)

“My experience with Generation Exchange was fulfilling! Getting to know a lot of lovely older people not only enlightened me with their past experiences but also brought happiness as I knew that I could help and share my knowledge with someone that found technology challenging. “ (G, aged 17)



Help children with reading, writing and maths

We work with older people in the local community who have time to support children in primary and secondary schools and children’s centres. Our older volunteers receive a complete package of training and support in order to provide support for children on a 1:1 basis with key essential skills, such as reading, writing, spelling and maths.

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Improve the IT skills of older people

We engage with young people who in turn help older learners improve their IT and digital skills. Our young volunteers are trained and supported to deliver 1:1 IT sessions for older people in the community.

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Every volunteer to feel valued

Generation Exchange provides a complete package of training, mentoring, and support for all our volunteers to make sure they have the support that they need.

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Help every child reach their potential

Our Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds to work with our charity. They are over 50, reliable, skilled, and want to make a regular commitment to give children the benefit of their experience on a 1:1 basis.


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